W i l k u m !

Welcome to Dietrich's Meats & Country Store Online!

Route 737, Exit 40 on I-78 at Krumsville, Pa.

Mailing address: Dietrich's Meats, 660 Old 22, Lenhartsville, PA  19534

(610) 756-6344

We have old-fashioned leaf lard!

Stop in and visit us for FREE SAMPLES, or let us ship to your location!   Our Krumsville Store is open Monday through Friday, 6am to 7pm; Saturday, 6am to 6pm; Sunday, 9am to 4pm.


We offer delicious processed and fresh meats!  Choose from our 50 to 60 varieties of all-meat beef and pork processed products, Ring Bologna, Kielbasa, Beef Sticks, Old Smokie Sticks, Beef Jerkey, Dried Beef and Hot Dogs.  Plus a full line of old fashioned Bologna and Hams!

Our frozen specialties case and homemade cakes and pies provide mouth-watering treats!  We will also custom smoke and cure all your hams, bacons, dry beefs and poultry.  We have a full line of smoked poultry including turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese and pheasants!

Attention Deer Hunters and Fishermen...

 Dietrich's welcomes your wild game and will fully process it to your desire.  We can smoke and cure your fish too!  Fresh or frozen!

We are noted for our real old fashioned mild or hard smoked hams, picnics, pork loins and bacon.  We are also noted for our full line of German sausages and bolognas  including: Mettwurst, Jagdwurst, Braunschweiger, Speckwurst, plus much more!  Try our delicious country sausage, scrapple and pudding...  Tender, juicy grain-fed beef, sides, quarters, custom cut to your desire, plus grain-fed hogs, lamb and veal!  We offer rabbit and buffalo too!

From our farm to you!

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