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Here are some great things to serve as a part of a meal, or as a meal in and of itself!

Rocky Mountain Risotto
Yield: 1 Servings

6 c Water
1   Cube vegetable boullion
oz Dried porcini mushrooms
2 tb Olive oil (up to 3)
1   Cloves garlic; minced (up to 2)
1 md Shallot; minced
    Dried herbs such as sage and oregano
    Arborio rice
Boil the water. Add boullion and porcini, cover and set aside. In a second pot, heat oil. Saute garlic, shallot and herbs till soft, lifting pot off flame occasionally to prevent browning. Stir in a large handfull of rice per person. Add broth (sans mushrooms) in half-cup amounts, stirring constantly, adding more as rice absorbs it. Add porcini. When rice begins to bind, after 25 to 30 minutes, its ready.


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