Mountain Folk Photo Scrapbook

Haiku For You

Music wild and free...

lifting the Spirit to joy...

Good food for the soul!


Dreams are like the clouds...

floating above in the sky...

Dreams are the angels!


Trees bow in homage...

with icy breath, winter speaks...

You have heard the wind!


From nothing comes life...

God's eternal mystery ...

The promise of Spring!



Photo Scrapbook - The Pine Cradle Lake Bluegrass Festival: 9/9/06

Above: The Mountain Folk Band entertains at the Pine Cradle Lake Bluegrass Festival, Rome, Pennsylvania. 

Above: Mike, Bob, Dave and Dane hang out backstage with the festival's great MC, "Gene."  Gene also adds to the festival by singing and performing.

Above: Enjoying a little parking lot pickin'.

Above: While at this wonderful festival, the band always takes advantage of the terrific bass fishing lake on the grounds.  The 2nd Annual Inter-Band Mountain Folk Catch & Release Bass Fishing Tournament ended up in a tie between The Mad Fiddler,(Travis) and Bob.  They each caught and released two fish using artificial lures.  Dane caught and released one bass and Mike and Dave didn't land any.  Last year Bob won with several fish and Bob was second.

Above: The Mad Fiddler starts to get cranked up in the warm-up tent backstage while Bob and Mike from The Mountain Folk Band look on.

Above: "East Side Dave" and "The Mad Fiddler" tune up by the lake before taking the stage.

Above: The Mountain Folk Band headlined the evening show and led the terrific audience through a set of hand-clappin', foot-stompin', sing-a-long and shout-it-out music


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