Haiku For You

Music wild and free...

lifting the Spirit to joy...

Good food for the soul!


Dreams are like the clouds...

floating above in the sky...

Dreams are the angels!


Trees bow in homage...

with icy breath, winter speaks...

You have heard the wind!


From nothing comes life...

God's eternal mystery ...

The promise of Spring!



The 2007 Cherry Blossom Festival in the Greater Reading/Berks County area included Cherry Tree and bulb plantings, music, art, a sushi & sake ceremony and a canoe/kayak "parade" on a section of the Schuylkill River known as "RiverPlace."  For more information about RiverPlace in Reading, PA, click here.   

The Reading Eagle newspaper and Internet team created a slideshow with an audio description of how the "dragon boat" came to be.  Click here to see and listen to the short feature.  

Above: A group of volunteers met on top of Reading's scenic Mount Penn and planted over 1,000 hyacinths at the historic Pagoda as a part of the 2007 Greater Reading Cherry Blossom Festival.

Above: Doug Fisher, the Cherry Blossom Festival organizer, speaks to the audience at the sushi & sake ceremony at the Reading Public Museum and Art Gallery.  Yes, those two barrels were filled with sake and yes...both were emptied by the end of the evening's festivities!

Above: The beauty of traditional garb was will represented at the Greater Reading Cherry Blossom Festival during the sushi & sake ceremony on Friday night.

Above and below: Mountain Folk's East Side Dave performs the theme song "Cherry Blossom Time" which he wrote for the festival and crowd who came to enjoy the Sushi & Sake ceremony at the Reading Public Museum.

Above: Floral artist Gene Burkhart got attendees involved with creating beautiful Cherry Blossom Festival memories.

Above: A ceremonial reading about the tradition of sake was read before the barrels were broken open with wooden mallets and the sake and sushi was served.

Above: Float "parade" organizer Don Moll explains safety procedures before getting underway.


Above: Mountain Folk's Dave pilots a "dragon boat" down the river.

Above: The Cherry Blossom Festival's Schuylkill River "parade" floatilla participants gathered at Confluence Point.


Above: The dragon floats down the river.

Above: Mr.& Mrs. David Thun, (whose family name is honored on a regional section of trail known as the "Thun" Trail), participated in the river parade!

Above and below: Our dragon boat looked beautiful on the Schuylkill River.

Above: Traditional prayer trees were a part of the festival's river parade and sushi & sake ceremony the night before.

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