Haiku For You

Music wild and free...

lifting the Spirit to joy...

Good food for the soul!


Dreams are like the clouds...

floating above in the sky...

Dreams are the angels!


Trees bow in homage...

with icy breath, winter speaks...

You have heard the wind!


From nothing comes life...

God's eternal mystery ...

The promise of Spring!



A record-setting crowd came to Frontier Feast - 2007                - - All photos by Karl Wolter

Above: The Mountain Folk Band performs for the third year in a row at the 3rd Annual Frontier Feast.  A record paid-attendance crowd jammed the Reading Liederkranz to come out and enjoy this fun evening of music and wild game to benefit the G.T.V. Edelweiss Dance Group whose mission is to preserve and present traditional dance and folk culture.


Above: East Side Dave (left) and Bob Entler (right) take turns singing and playing for the crowd.


Above: The Mad Fiddler (Travis Wetzel - left) and Mike Hertzog (right) tear up a banjo-fiddle tune!


Above: The band asks everyone to sing along!


Above: The event was great for young and old.  People came dressed like cowboys, Native Americans, mountain men and women, frontier men and women and Civil War period folks.   Other folks just came dressed as they were and that was fine too.


Above: Break time...time to taste the Buffalo Chili and other treats!

Above: The G.T.V. chefs unleashed some mighty tasty soups, salads, chili and main courses!


Above: Lots of kids came and enjoyed dancing and yee-haa-ing!


Above: Take your best shot and let's start fiddling around!

Above: The true heroes of the night were the folks who volunteered to help on the kitchen and on the clean-up crew!  Thanks!


Above: Travis hits a high note!

Above: Get along there cowboy and thanks for your help!

 Above: Sing along and forget about your cares and worries for a night!   Frontier Feast '07 was a fantastic gathering!  Special thanks to bassist Joann Zuber for providing a solid beat!


Above: The carving station featured freshly roasted Buffalo roasts with fresh horseradish and that made everyone happy!

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