Haiku For You

Music wild and free...

lifting the Spirit to joy...

Good food for the soul!


Dreams are like the clouds...

floating above in the sky...

Dreams are the angels!


Trees bow in homage...

with icy breath, winter speaks...

You have heard the wind!


From nothing comes life...

God's eternal mystery ...

The promise of Spring!



Kutztown Folk Festival 2012

"Bill Cheatham" 1:59  'East Side' Dave Kline and 'The Mad Fiddler', Travis Wetzel, stopped by the Reading Eagle Newspaper booth during a break from their duties at the hoedown stage of the 2012 Kutztown Folk Festival and played this little musical jam on the traditional tune, Bill Cheatham. Reading Eagle Newspaper, The Mountain Folk Radio & Web Show, and WEEU Radio are the primary sponsors for the Kutztown Folk Festival Hoedown Stage in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

"Angeline the Baker" 3:42  This video was shot on the last day of the 2012 Kutztown Folk Festival. 'East Side' Dave Kline plays the long-neck Deering banjo, while Travis Wetzel, (Grand Ole Opry performer), and first-ever champion of the Lyons Fiddle Festival, fiddles. Members of the Celtic Martin Family Band, including Lyons and Berks County Fiddle Festival champ Emily Martin, (now married with new family name), joined in for an impromptu jam on Angeline the Baker.

"The Kutztown Folk Festival Polka" 6:06  On June 30, 2012, (the opening day of the Kutztown Folk Festival for 2012), Dave Kline wrote this song and performed it for the first time with The Country Folks Hoedown Band for a live audience on the second day of the festival. This video was filmed on, 7/8/12, the last day of the festival. What you see is a presentation of the lyrics for the song to festival officials, Dave Fooks & Steve Sharadin, and hoedown caller Lester Miller. Without the determination and passion of these three guys, plus everyone else who works with them, our traditional rural culture would not be preserved as it is. The video includes a bit of the presentation and then the playing of the song in honor of the lyric recipients and the audience. Thanks to Anne Chubb from Reading Eagle Company for grabbing a camera and rolling the film!

"Soldiers Joy" 1:38  This video was shot at the 2012 Kutztown Folk Festival near the hoedown stage during a break in between hoedown stage shows.  Two time champion fiddler, Beatrice Ferreira, and fiddler Ted Fenstermacher joined 'East Side' Dave Kline at the Reading Eagle Newspaper booth to play a traditional, acoustic, banjo/fiddle rendition of this pre-Revolutionary War song on the 4th of July at the festival.

"Feast Here Tonight (Rabbit in the Log)" 3:13 This video was shot at the 2012 Kutztown Folk Festival on the hoedown stage during our daily Mountain Folk performance.  Ted Fenstermacher on fiddle/vocals and 'East Side' Dave Kline on banjo/vocals carry on the old mountain tradition of banjo/fiddle/vocal and foot stompin' music.  YeeHaw!

Pictured below: Here was the cast for the hoedown stage shows on Thursday, July 5, 2012.

Pictured below: Pennsylvania State Senator Judy Schwank, representing the 11th Senatorial District, stopped by the hoedown stage at the Kutztown Folk Festival on Saturday, July 7th, to say hello to WEEU Radio / Reading Eagle Company / Mountain Folk Show's "East Side Dave" Kline and to enjoy the traditional presentation of rural Berks County hoedown music, dancing and entertainment.  Support from folks like Senator Schwank helps us all to preserve and present our rural traditions!

Pictured below: Ted Fenstermacher with fiddle student William Dixon during the second of five shows at the hoedown stage on 7/5/12.  One of the great things about the festival and the hoedown stage that many people do not know is that we often bring students up on stage to give them some real-world, practical experience entertaining and thinking their way through a live performance.  It's a wonderful opportunity to mentor and to learn.

Pictured below: Members of the Saucony Grass Band joined Dave and Ted for the afternoon Mountain Folk show.  Great musical fun!

Pictured below: Paula Taylor and Mike Andrews, owners/operators of Meadowood Music on Route 222, (and loyal Mountain Folk Radio & Web Show advertiser), stopped by the hoedown stage on the 4th of July to enjoy the show.

Pictured below: We always invite anyone from the audience to come on stage and sing, hoot and holler during our end of the day Mountain Folk jam session.  This was our session on the 4th of July, 2012.

Pictured below: WFMZ-TV69's Ed Hanna, (left), and his family have been entertaining at the children's stage are of the festival for more than forty years.  This photo was taken with Ed Hanna, hoedown caller Lester Miller, Dave Kline and others from TV69 during one of the live TV weather segments that were broadcast from the hoedown stage on July 3, 2012.

Pictured below: Reading Eagle Company, WEEU Radio, and the Mountain Folk Radio & Web Show sponsored the hoedown stage.  Here is READUS, the Reading Eagle Company mascot, dancing the nine-pin hoedown with hoedown caller Lester Miller and the young dance group.

Pictured below: This baby goat lived right aside of our hoedown stage for the nine days of the festival.  They are amazingly special critters!

Pictured below: Dave Kline and Ted Fenstermacher performing during the Mountain Folk portion of the show, which happens every day from 4:15 to 5pm at the hoedown stage.

Pictured below: The Country Folks Band gets together only to play the nine days of the Kutztown Folk Festival each year.

Pictured below: Holden Miller Schaeffer lays down the steady bass lines that are required by the hoedown dancers.

Pictured below: Ted Fenstermacher & Beatrice Ferreira compare the size if Ted's fiddle to Beatrice's viola.

Pictured below: July 2nd, 2012 was a hot one at the hoedown stage but the dancers smiled and gave it their all as usual!

Pictured below: On June 30, 2012, opening day of the 2012 Kutztown Folk Festival, former Lyons Fiddle Festival Grand Champion, Beatrice Ferriera, (left), is shown here with 'East Side Dave' Kline, (middle), and Ted Fenstermacher, (right), after performing the Mountain Folk set at the annual Kutztown Folk Festival.  Beatrice brought her viola and joined Ted on fiddle and Dave on banjo and guitar to play and sing songs like Amazing Grace and Soldiers Joy at the hoedown stage.

Pictured below: This photo was also taken on the opening day of the 2012 Kutztown Folk Festival and shows Ted Fenstermacher, the fiddler, and Dave Kline, the banjoist, with Lester Miller, (far left, standing), and his family of traditional Appalachian Mountain hoedown 'jiggers' during a break between one of their many performances during the festival at the hoedown stage.

Pictured below: A view from the back of the stage looking front past Lester Miller and the hoedown dancers toward the large crowd that stopped by at one of the many daily shows at the hoedown stage.

Pictured below: Reading Eagle Newspaper is one of the sponsors of the hoedown stage and here we see their mascot, READUS, with hoedown caller Lester Miller near the hoedown stage.

Pictured below: Dave Kline and 'The Mad Fiddler' Travis Wetzel at the Reading Eagle Newspaper booth during the festival.

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