Haiku For You

Music wild and free...

lifting the Spirit to joy...

Good food for the soul!


Dreams are like the clouds...

floating above in the sky...

Dreams are the angels!


Trees bow in homage...

with icy breath, winter speaks...

You have heard the wind!


From nothing comes life...

God's eternal mystery ...

The promise of Spring!



Riverfest 2007 - The River Sings with our was a huge success this past September 21 & 22!  See some of the memories below!

Pictured below: The River Sings unification crossing from the West side of the Schuylkill River to the East side of the river with East Side Dave & The Mountain Folk Band, Don Moll, David Thun and other volunteers; pickin', grinnin' and singin' all the way across!

(All photos are courtesy of Cindy Kauffman & Bill Roland.)


Pictured below: East Side Dave & The Mountain Folk Band took the stage after the river crossing.

Pictured below: "East Side Dave" Kline, (right), invited former Reading Mayor Warren Haggerty who is now serving with the Reading Downtown Improvement District, (left), and current Reading Mayor Tom McMahon, (center), to get up on stage with the band at Riverfest 2007 and sing the bluegrass classic "Hot Corn, Cold Corn," while the audience joined in!  Everyone had fun! 

Pictured below: East Side Dave & The Mountain Folk Band helped to draw a record crowd to Riverfest - 2007 - The River Sings!  Lots of "Mountain Folkers" ...those that come to enjoy The Mountain Folk Band, were in attendance and they dutifully shouted out the Mountain Folk "YEE-HAA" when asked to!

Pictured below: Canada’s Tartan Terrors took the stage after Dave and the Mountain Folk Band.

Pictured below: Canada’s Tanglefoot wrapped things up on the Riverfest stage on Friday night’s Bluegrass & Celtic Night.

Pictured below: Riverfest celebrated the opening of Oktoberfest 2007 on Saturday and began the festivities with a volks-march parade with the Rhinelanders Band and members of the committee and audience.

Pictured below: Everyone got into doing “The Chicken Dance.”  Some like Scott Kauffman really got into it with chicken hat and all!

Pictured below: Golly, is that Reading City Councilwoman Marcia Goodman-Hinnershitz doing the chicken dance too?!?

Pictured below: After a lively contest, the audience helped us crown our 2007 Riverfest Alphorn Champion King & Queen!

Pictured below: The final fireworks raining over and from the Penn Street Bridge at "Penn's Crossing" were truly spectacular and provided a fitting closing for our efforts at unifying both sides of the river through music, food, beverages, and fellowship! 

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